Frequently Asked Questions

Read this page if you have a question/s that need/s to be answered about Boom Beach Hack. If you have any other query that is not found here, you can contact the support at

Is Boom Beach Hack available for Android?

Yes, Boom Beach Hack is available for Android devices. Unfortunately you need to have a version 4.0 or above to make it work..

Is this tool safe to use? I am really afraid of being banned from the game.

The developers guarantee 100% safety of your account while you are using this tool. It has been teste extensively and so far no accounts were banned from using it because in the first place it is undetectable..

How many diamonds can I generate per day?

There is no limit on the amount you can generate per day using this hack tool. However, just to be safe please do not exceed 10,000.

Do I have to use a jailbroken iOS device to make this hack tool work?

It is not necessary to jailbreak your device. The software is designed to work on both circumstances though.

The hack tool is not working, what is the problem?

There are lots of possibilities why such thing happens. You can contact the support and provide the details of the problem so we can help you out accordingly.